Women's Coaching

“Activate Your Spiritual Potential, Nourish Your Joy, Live a Soul-Inspired Life.”

Women's Coaching

“Activate Your Spiritual Potential, Nourish Your Joy, Live a Soul-Inspired Life.”

Women's Coaching

“Activate Your Spiritual Potential, Nourish Your Joy, Live a Soul-Inspired Life.”

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Women’s Coaching

If you are looking to open your heart and life path, then Sacred Spirit Rising is the program that will teach you how to RECLAIM your inner light and soul purpose. Tina’s heart-centered coaching will empower you to live your life with joy and peace. You will learn how to navigate life with PRESENCE and TRUST the flow of life.

Women’s Empowerment Coach Tina Gharamani-Singh on Inner Views

Tina Gharamani-Singh, Women’s Empowerment Coach and Licensed Acupuncturist, shares the secret to self-healing and stepping into authenticity.

Fertility Coaching

Tina offers fertility coaching to her patients and coaching clients. This type of coaching is highly unique as you will be guided by an expert fertility acupuncturist and certified coach through ALL aspects of your fertility journey-diet, lifestyle, supplements, movement, self-care rituals, and processing the important emotional component.

Healing Meditation

Healing Meditations with Tina are guided with a blend of intuitive coaching, intention setting, prayer, breathing, creating a safe space, guided meditation with visualization & imagery, self energy balance, somatic body integration, emotional processing, and feedback.


Acupuncture works to promote the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Treatments work synergistically with your own body to provide a natural and safe way to boost your immunity, wellness, hormone balance, mood and reproductive system. Tina does acupuncture out of her beautiful Dana point location.

Tele-Health Services

Tele-Health sessions are online or via phone with Tina. These sessions include a consultation, lifestyle recommendations, herbal prescription, and acupressure. They are for any health concern ranging from immunity and pain management to all women’s health areas such as general hormone balance, fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum care.

Shadow Work

Exploring and even embracing your shadow’s depths and nuances will ultimately flip the narrative of your life and the path of your future. As you grow more understanding of your shadow, it loses its control and power over you, and instead, you’ll have control and power over your shadow.

Tina Singh on Health News Today

Health News Today

Get to know Acupuncturist Tina Ghahramani-Singh, who serves patients in Fountain Valley, California.

Honoring Rites of Passage for Women

Tina is a Certified Sacred Depths Coach

We’re Here For You

Remembering Who You Truly Are. Activating your Spiritual Potential, Nourish your Joy, Live a Soul-INspired Life.

Our Holistic Values


Integrity is a forefront value Tina believes in to build strong and valuable lines of trust, communication, and confidentiality with all of her clients and patients.

Holistic Health

Tina navigates her client’s to a natural pathway towards their health. This includes integration of the mind, body, and spirit.

Love & Compassion

With love and compassion, Tina is able to authentically connect with her clients, by providing them with a heart centered space of healing. Her gentle and compassionate approach creates understanding for her clients.

Sacred Space

Sacred space creates a container of safety and protection for Tina’s clients. She wants all her clients to feel safe, loved and able to share their feelings openly without judgement.

Tina Gharamani-Singh - Healer, Author, Spiritual Coach

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