Emotions & Healing 👄

Our feelings are there for a reason. They are messengers of how we navigate the world. When Emotions are used correctly, they are positive and highly healing. They help us grow and evolve in better communication and handling situations without becoming reactive.
For example anger and frustration or emotions that indicate unexpressed feelings or staying silent too long about a situation. Your body wants to speak it out but you’re repressing it. In Chinese medicine, anger causes qi stagnation or energy blockage in the Liver and creates stress and intense emotions.

*The KEY 🔑 to navigating emotions such as anger is to LISTEN to them closely.

🌸What Is your anger trying to tell you?
🌸Was there a situation that you did not speak your truth about?
🌸Often times your boundaries have been crossed with anger because you didn’t know how to stand up for yourself.
🌸What action can you take to express your anger in a healthy way?
🌸What ways can you learn from the situation that causes you anger?
Ask yourself these questions and it will make your life so much easier. You will understand that emotions are your friends. They are there to help you navigate life better. Gaining better self-love, relationships, and maturity with your communication.
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