Healing Meditation

Healing Meditation - Tina's Ghahramani Empowerment Coaching - Lake Forest, CA

Understanding Healing Meditation

Tina has the ability to tap into what your mind and body desire to heal during the session. To open the meditation, Tina will ask her clients first to set their intention for the session. For example, What is it that they wish to receive support on?

In closing the healing meditation, she invites her clients to do practical and joyful homework by providing them with helpful tips that will support the healing and integration of the meditation session.

There are follow up sessions with her about 2-3 weeks after an initial meditation. Each session will bring deep healing and awareness for Tina’s clients and their spiritual growth.

Benefits of Meditation Practices:


  • Calming the nervous system into parasympathetic mode
  • Slowing down the anxious mind
  • More peace in your day
  • More ease in your life
  • Releasing blocks that are preventing you from moving forward
  • Deep relaxation for the body
  • Finding a way to connect to your creator or God
  • Creating faith in yourself as a healing practice

Sessions with Tina are a blend of:


  • Intuitive heart centered coaching
  • Intention setting
  • Prayer
  • Creating a safe sacred space
  • Guided meditation with visualization & imagery
  • Breathing
  • Self energy balance
  • Somatic body integration
  • Emotional processing
  • Feedback

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Tina Gharamani-Singh - Healer, Author, Spiritual Coach

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