You usually hear inspirational stories of how doctors touch patient’s lives. In this story, you will hear about my heartfelt experience with my patient. 

I met my patient Faith a few months after the pandemic began. It was a hard time for everybody. Many of us had to work from home and become overnight homeschool teachers for our children. 

Personally, I could not work for a few months in order to stay at home with my children while my hubby Mukunda ran our family clinic. We chose to stay open the entire time of the pandemic because we realized that by serving our patients, it actually helped everyone stay healthier by boosting their immunity and to offer essential care they needed. 

During those few summer months, I experienced many feelings of frustration, fear, anxiety and a lack of purpose. I wanted to work more, but I had to stay at home with my kids to homeschool them.  A big part of my life’s purpose is to raise my kids consciously and be an available and loving mama. 

Another large part of my life’s purpose is to help women heal from past or present trauma in areas of their health, mind and spirit with acupuncture and transformative coaching.  As you can imagine, being forced to stay at home during the pandemic made me feel torn. Do I give up on my life purpose for a little while and just raise my kids? That was an option but my heart felt a strong urge to continue serving. 

That’s when I knew my creativity had to kick in. I had to find a way to continue coaching my clients and see my patients in a clinic near my home. That way, I could find guaranteed childcare once a week and stay local. 

I began promoting my online tele-health and coaching services while working in a sweet clinic in Dana Point. That’s when I met Faith. 

I remember exactly the day she came into the clinic. Behind her mask, I could feel her beautiful smile and warm energy. We instantly connected and spoke about our deep love for helping others. We both have a deep faith in God and I asked if she was open to prayer during her acupuncture session with me, and she was delighted. 

Over the next few months of supporting her with acupuncture and prayer, we created a special bond of friendship.  I would listen to her concerns and she would do the same for me.  Each time I would see Faith, something magical would happen.  My heart would feel lighter and happier.  My low energy would miraculously increase and I felt a vigor for life.  She made me feel special and loved with her constant words of encouragement. Her energy was calming and contagious. We always laughed and enjoyed our time together. 

Faith had no idea how much she touched my life. Little did she know that during that exact time, I was experiencing the most severe anxiety of my life because I was finally facing the past trauma of my childhood.  I was seeing a wonderful therapist who was supporting me as well as an Ayurvedic doctor, but the process was not for the faint. 

I had to be BRAVE and face the deep repressed layers of healing my trauma, one moment and one day at a time. Some days were awful from my body fatigue and I had to rest. Other days were wonderful and I felt like nothing had changed.  I would NOT know how I would feel on any given day. That was extremely depressing and confusing.  However, my faith in God and family kept me grounded in my continuous healing. I somehow knew that this time was part of my healing journey. To dive deeper into my inner child and deep mother wounds. That I had been given a rare opportunity and the TIME to heal if I trusted God and the divine unfolding.  Believe me, this was much easier said than done.    

My goal was to keep moving forward and learning more about myself. Many months of introspection and inner work led me to the path of self realization. This meant that I wanted to navigate in a healthier and better way of being. That I had to reprogram a NEW nervous system for myself. What does this mean? This means that during my childhood, I was given an old programming by my parents that was no longer serving my adult self. Growing up in the Iran/Iraq war with so much anxiety, fear and loss from my parents and relatives made a deep imprint in my childhood body and mind. I never realized that I was literally carrying this energy with me my entire life! 

As an empathic child, the fight or flight response to everything was crippling. The feelings of perfection and overwhelm were toxic. I had to take all the past pressure off myself and LET GO. Let go of the old way of being. Let go of the way my parents wanted me to be. Let go of the way I thought that I should behave etc.  

I started asking myself these Key questions…

~Who is telling me this programming? 

~What old program is running in my mind daily about health, life and situations?

~What power am I giving away to others? 

~Where are my defined healthy boundaries? 

~Are the current thoughts and actions serving my adult self now?  

Something transformative was happening under the radar of the pandemic and my time with Faith. I was allowing myself to be present with what IS now. Not attaching myself to the future and fear of what may happen next. 

Slowly, my nervous system was beginning to change positively. I became more calm with daily meditation, prayer, walking in nature, an Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle and writing. Writing and expressing my thoughts became the most potent medicine of my healing.  

I am still on the path of healing and reprogramming my nervous system daily. The only difference is that now, I am not attached to the outcomes, rather to the success of my slow and consistent progress. I am learning to regulate my emotions and nervous system for the first time. My children are noticing the profound changes in my parenting and seeing me more joyful and present with them. 

Sometimes, it takes one person or patient to touch your life forever. I believe that God sends us “earth angels” to help us through the hardest seasons of life. You will never forget these people as they have a lasting imprint in your heart.  

Over the past six years, we have been BLESSED with patients like Faith who have touched both my and Mukunda’s life. We are grateful for ALL our heart connections and time with you. I pray that you know how loved you are and that we receive just as much healing in treating you!

May you always be blessed, 

Tina Ghahramani-Singh