In my experience of coaching hundreds of women through their fertility and life challenges, I come across a wide range of behaviors in their family or friends that have characteristic narcissistic tendencies.


These cause MAJOR blocks and feelings of guilt for my clients in their lives. The emotional upset can actually derail their fertility and sense of peace.


Today, I am bringing AWARENESS to these types of toxic individuals that cause us much suffering, guilt and pain.


Read about their patterns and realize that you CAN CHOOSE to let go of these people out of your life!


Remember YOU have the power to choose who you keep in your daily life.


No matter what challenge your facing…


Choose uplifting, loving and supportive friends or family members.



Narcissistic Patterns In Individuals


It’s truly important to understand when your dealing with a narcissist in your life.


Narcissistic friends and family turn every thing back on you and make it your fault.


They are generally mean and belittle others with their words.


They project their OWN trauma onto you.


They have rarely had therapy or processed their childhood pain because they are really afraid to face their fears.


Ultimately, they have been emotionally abused in some way themselves.


They make others feel bad and that they are perfect or have their shit together.


That is always a false appearance.


They lack empathy and the capability of emotion towards others.


They can’t feel what it’s like to put themselves in others shoes.


They feel others are a major burden on them. Even the smallest ask of support triggers them.


They are truly wounded children inside who have a parent who was also a narcissist telling them that they are selfish and not worthy of being seen. That their emotions are not valid or matter.


They have been taught to NOT FEEL to appear “strong.”


That showing emotion is a weakness. And should not be accepted by their peers.


This is why later in life they can’t process emotions in a healthy way and lack deep relationships.


My friends, I have experienced this with some good friends and family.


It is NEVER ok to stay in a relationship when someone makes you feel small or hurts you intentionally.


It is NOT OK to stay in a relationship when they tell you that you are a burden or your emotions are not valid.


Love yourself and LET these people go sooner than later of your life!


It is toxic and unhealthy to even maintain relationships with narcissist people.


Unfortunately, they NEVER see themselves.


I am choosing to stop have these type of individuals in my life.


They can’t lift others positively or handle difficult situations easily.


It is important to have compassion for them but to NOT stay close to them.


They will continue to hurt you over and over.


The BEST thing to do is step away from the relationship all together.


You will feel a heavy weight come off you.


Empathy is a powerful healing tool.


Choose friends & family who CAN hold space and are CAPABLE of being there for you.


You are worthy of healthy friendships.


You are loved by God.


The many things that bless your life and good people in your life.


Choose YOUR PEACE today.

Sending my LOVE to you!

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