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What is the Shadow?

It’s something that every human being on the planet possesses, but that evades most regarding their consciousness of its existence. It’s ever-present and has a much stronger hold on us as individuals than we’d like to admit or understand.

The shadow takes a different form in every person, for no two individuals on this earth have walked the same exact path or encountered the same obstacles. Our life experiences—and usually our early experiences from childhood to adolescence— are what shape these shadows that lurk in our psyche.

Okay, but what is it? Well, think of your deepest shames, darkest secrets, and all the parts of yourself you don’t like. Your shadow encompasses all of these things.

Shadow Work

So how do I get rid of this shadow? You might ask. Well, you can’t, necessarily. Your shadow is always a part of who you are— it reflects where you came from and what experiences you’ve lived.

Even though you can’t get rid of your shadow per se, you can improve your relationship to and with it. When you’re able to acknowledge your shadow’s existence, it opens the door for you to explore it.

Exploring and even embracing your shadow’s depths and nuances will ultimately flip the narrative of your life and the path of your future. As you grow more understanding of your shadow, it loses its control and power over you, and instead you’ll have control and power over your shadow.

Shadow work is a deeply introspective process that leads to personal awakening, which is an essential step toward personal transformation.

Tina Gharamani-Singh - Healer, Author, Spiritual Coach

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