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Announcing Tina’s *NEW* Tele-Health Services:
Our clinic services are now available to you at home!

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How Can Tele-Health Services Benefit You?

Each session of Tele-Health Services is with a Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist. It is through a virtual platform with your practitioner of your choice that is HIPPA compliant. Each session will help you learn self care tools for you to apply at home daily.

Each Tele-Health session includes a consultation with a licensed practitioner of 45-minutes or 60-minutes, diagnosis & treatment plan, lifestyle recommendations & diet, a possible herbal prescription shipped to your home and an acupressure protocol (tailored for your needs).

Acupressure is as effective as acupuncture if applied correctly. Each practitioner will guide you through specific acupressure points and provide links with images and points. Specific acupressure points help promote immunity, fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, women and men’s health, depression, anxiety and much more…

Tele-Health sessions benefit your immunity, calms the nervous system and promote natural healing for the body. It is greatly helpful for your body and entire immune system.

Our Tele-Health Services includes sessions for:

  • Wellness & Immunity
  • Women’s or Men’s Health
  • Hormone Balance Support
  • Fatigue
  • Pain Management
  • Fertility Support (Natural, IVF, IUI)
  • Pregnancy (1st, 2nd, 3rd trimester)
  • Labor support
  • Postpartum Care

Each Tele-Health Session Includes:

  • Consultation 45-minutes OR 60-minutes
  • Diagnosis & Treatment plan
  • Lifestyle Recommendations & Diet
  • Herbal prescription shipped to your home (herbs are a separate cost)
  • Acupressure Protocol (tailored for your needs)
  • Breath Work


  • $75 for 45-min.
  • $99 for 60-min.
    (Venmo, PayPal, CC)

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Tina Gharamani-Singh - Healer, Author, Spiritual Coach

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