One-On-One Sessions

“It was such a gift to do a virtual session with Tina. I wasn’t sure I could connect with someone via Zoom as our first meeting, but Tina’s warmth and grounded presence immediately put me at ease. While I was expecting a pragmatic coaching session with a lot of discussions, it was a pleasant surprise that the core of the session was a guided meditation using her own style of energy work. It actually proved to be a more efficient problem-solving method than any conversation could be! Her intuitive abilities helped me hone in on the true problem and clear out my energetic blocks in a simple but powerful way. 
The session started with Tina asking me for one clear intention for the session, the most pressing issue on my mind at the moment. With only slight prompting, she quickly helped me find the root of my current struggle – a burden I had been carrying for decades. It seemed peripherally related at first, but as she helped me release and heal that aspect of my life, I realized how much of my energy and sense of purpose had been obscured by it. The visualization prompts she gave me were not from a pre-planned script; they were guided by the minimal information I provided and whatever magical powers she has in understanding a person and their psycho-spiritual needs. (Mind you, she barely knows me, aside from a few emails, and this was all done by video chat across the country!) At the end of the session, she asked for my biggest revelation and helped establish action items to further my progress. Then she wrapped it all up with a neat little summary (both verbal and written) so I could continue to digest the impact of the session. I left with a sense of peace, clarity, and hopefulness. 
I’ve done a fair amount of shamanic/energetic/psychic work with various practitioners, and Tina stands out with her unique skills. She is able to truly listen and receive information in ways many people don’t comprehend, then create a personalized approach that seems to adapt by the minute based on her intuition. Her biggest asset, in my mind, is her ability to get to the heart of the matter with laser focus, balanced by loving kindness. Doing this kind of inner work can sometimes feel overwhelming, dark, or confusing, but Tina provides a safe, light-filled container for it and offers guidance that is positive, actionable, and empowering.”

– Lea White, Lic.Ac.

“I was nervous to have an intuitive session because I was afraid of what I would hear. But after years of feeling so lost, I felt drawn to the opportunity to receive any kind of guidance. Once I met with Tina, I felt a sense of peace and understanding… like she could see what was in my heart. (Literally!) For the first time I felt like someone really understood me and confirmed that the major changes occurring in my life were for a reason. And that my life, had a greater purpose.. There is no way to explain the feeling of loneliness that clouded my life until this session. Tina gave me practical steps (homework) to begin in order to continue the process of manifesting and shifting into my greater self. This experience is invaluable. Thank you Tina!” ❤

– Joanne B.

“As soon as my appointment with Tina began, I felt a sense of calm and contentment. She was able to see me deeply and connect with my true soul purpose. Her steps for the appointment were clear and designed in a way to help elicit my goals and any potential blocks to reaching them. She was kind and knowledgeable, and her excitement for my work really shined through. I am excited to work together!” ❤

– Dr. Jacqui Kinzig, D.Ac., L.Ac., Dipl.Ac.

“Tina’s session via zoom was fabulous. She tuned in to the very areas that were creating a stuck feeling and showed me the vision to allow it to unfold. A sense of relief and peace followed the session. Tina is so caring and holds a loving safe space.” 

– Frances W. Greenspan
Intuitive, Animal Communicator

“My session with Tina was not only empowering, but also incredibly uplifting for the soul. I went into the session looking to gain more clarity around my work. However, I came out with that and so much more! Tina is very gifted in the way of intuition and was able to share some remarkable things about loved ones that were completely spot on. I’ll be going back to her for sure!” ❤

– S.S.

“To have someone pray over you and for you is such a powerful and loving gesture. I feel such a spiritual peace and calm after I’ve met with Tina. My heart beats slower, my body stills and my mind is open to receive the blessings that she is so eloquently calling forth during our session. You can slowly feel yourself unravel and allow someone else to nurture you, even if it is only for a few precious minutes. It’s just enough to fuel the spiritual warrior inside of me.” 

– L.C. 

“There have been two times in my life which Tina has helped me heal both physically and mentally from illness through guided meditation. Her guided meditations helped pull physical pain and trauma left in the body after the illness had gone. These meditations uncovered and released the hidden emotional trauma which helped me heal my mind, body and spirit. So grateful!” 

– Tracy F.

Tina is authentic, kind and magnetic. Her love for life and people is infectious and I am so grateful to have had her as my life coach. She has kept me grounded when my thoughts have had the potential to overtake my peace. Her meditating techniques are gentle yet very powerful and efficient.  When you meet Tina it has not been by chance it is a gift from the universe.” ❤

– Marisa Curiel
NP Dialysis nurse 

I had almost 5 months worth of sessions with Tina. It’s difficult to sum up how great of a coach she is in just a few sentences, but I will say this-I genuinely felt heard by her in each of our sessions, and I value that so much. Like a lot of us, I tend to be all over the place and she was able to offer thoughtful advice and meaningful exercises to help me navigate through each issue I was facing. After just one session with her, I knew right away that she truly cares about nurturing people’s development and doing everything she can to propel you in all the ways you want a coach to propel you. I can’t say enough good things about my experience with her and I’ll take what she’s taught me for years to come.” ❤

– Melina Bhula

“I recently had a panic attack that lasted more than a week and reached out to Tina on the advice of a friend. I’m so glad I did! The energy healing work I did with Tina allowed me to dig myself out of a painful emotional hole. She was able to help me calm my body, face my anxiety triggers (without being re-triggered), and rework a memory I’d been carrying around like a bag of rocks my entire life. She taught me practical tools to help me stay mindful, and to change how I deal with anxious thoughts/feelings. So many of us are struggling right now and Tina offers self-care for the soul. I can’t recommend her enough.” ❤

– Sarah Whorley

Working with Tina is such a beautiful gift! You feel the tenderness radiate from her being and that really helped me to be open, safe and to receive.
I had a healing meditation with Tina about a month ago and it was amazing. I was able to do it in the comfort of my own home and too. We started by identifying how I was feeling in my body and areas I wanted to work on. She then moved into the meditation part – I can’t even really describe it, but at times I felt like I was floating and in the gap. I recall the deep relaxation I felt and the imagery she used to help release the very deep tension I was holding in my body. I still use that imagery to help me relax and I hear her voice too! It helps because it is so soothing and calming. We also did some acupressure to help release tension and pain. She ended the session with some Reiki to help fill me back up with the positive energy.
I have seen Tina for acupuncture as well, and regardless of what our session is for, I always feel so blessed to work with her. She is empowering and provides a safe place to open up. Looking forward to another session with her again!” ❤

-Nikki Buckstead, MA, CLC, PMP
Best-Selling Coauthor of The Recipe for Success with Jack Canfield

Group Meditation

“Tina is a gem to work with. Her intuitive knowledge and understanding of what you need is on point and extremely helpful. Tina’s guided meditations are calming, grounding and leaving you with a new found sense of positivity and energy. I highly recommend Tina as a coach as she incorporates all her wonderful gifts to help her clients anyway she can.” ❤

– Renée Frank

Attending weekly meditation groups and individual coaching sessions with Tina has truly changed my life. Being surrounded by empowering women and being guided by such an inspirational person really helped me significantly. I began to understand how carving out meditation in my daily practice and doing a lot of self work will help me be a better person, better friend, better wife and a better mother, therefore being my best self. I am forever grateful to Tina for all that she has guided me through and continues to support me through on my journey .” 

– Stephanie Heisler
Teacher & mother of 3

Tina has been such a blessing in my life! I started seeing her when I was pregnant, which was an emotional journey for me. Seeing Tina was not only comforting and refreshing, but I also felt like my weekly sessions with her were necessary! Her gentle and focused approach really made me feel like I wasn’t just any other client, but someone she really truly cared about. She is so heartwarming and was very in-tune with my needs. I have to say that every time I walked out of a session, I felt so refreshed and confident! Tina is truly a gem!” 

– Mandy Hernandez

There are no words to fully capture how incredibly impactful today’s session was for me. It gave me more hope. More happiness. More faith in my OWN abilities to heal. It reconnected me to my heart and my magical self.
After we spoke, I scooted out into the sunshine to pray for a friend who was in the midst of an extremely high risk surgery (she made it through, btw. prayers answered).
Post-prayers, I felt compelled to try some deep breathing and to stretch. Deep breathing has been severely restricted due to asthma, and yet, today, I was able to breathe deeper than I have since asthma became critical on Jan 1st. Stretching with the left arm has been severely limited since my shoulder was injured on Jan 23rd.
To put it in perspective, I couldn’t hug myself at all with my left arm before today. So I attempted to stretch and miraculously, mobility of my torn rotator cuff seemed to have improved suddenly and significantly for that moment. I could call it a coincidence, but I know better. The power of the mind on the body. The power of Tina’s healing meditation was and is in full effect.
I am going through a process, but maybe, surgery won’t be needed. And surely, I’ll be back to using my arm with full function and no pain, once again. Little wins lead to big wins.
As an aside, it felt so GOOD to do the hug-myself stretch. Thank you, Tina. The individual and collective energy of our lovely meditation group facilitated by Tina, comes as a huge GIFT to me. Especially at this time and under these not so comfortable circumstances.
Grateful to every woman in our group and everything we have shared together-the positive high vibrational group energy, where I heard each of you. I connected with each of you. I’m inspired by your stories. Your struggles. Your beautiful spirits. Your heart of gold.
Tina, thank you for doing what you do, for bringing us together, and for making Life Visioning for 2020 a reality for all of us….” ❤

– Nimisha Shastri
Medical Intuitive & Empath

“Tina is a special light being that has a gift at creating and holding sacred space for others. In doing so, she acknowledges cultural differences and invites all benevolent masters, teachers, angels and spirits, immediately making you feel safe and supported in her presence. Her healing coaching meditation facilitated my connection to my own inner spiritual light and allowed my heart’s desire to express itself, reminding me that it all comes back to leading a heart-led life! Thank you Tina for sharing your gift with me!” ❤

– Linda Crossley, MBA,
Licensed Marriage Family Therapist


“I came to Tina when I saw her offering coaching sessions in a Facebook group that I am a part of for Moms who are also acupuncturists. (This was right at the beginning of covid.) I reached out to her. We connected on so many levels, and I felt like she was the perfect person to help support me during this time. We were both doulas, acupuncturists and mothers. I felt like I could be completely honest with her, and she met me where I was at. The support came in so many ways- words of encouragement, feedback on emails and videos with her PR & marketing background, education on boundaries, listening when I needed someone to listen and more. I will forever be grateful for her support during a time when I transitioned my practice to being all virtual and then making my way back in the office, while being home with three children under five full-time. Not to mention, emotions were all over the place! Thank you Tina!”

– Karissa M.

“The acupuncture treatments I have received from Tina have been truly healing! Tina has a way of connecting with me on a highly conscious and
deeply soulful level. I experience her sessions as powerful and extremely healing. I am blessed to know her as a friend and SiSTAR healer!” ❤

– Patricia Garza Pinto
Holistic Health Practitioner and Founder of Divine Your Power Health and Wellness for the 21st Century

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