Tina Ghahramani-Singh is a certified women’s empowerment coach, a licensed acupuncturist, a fertility expert, herbalist, and most importantly, a wife and mother of two beautiful children.

Women’s empowerment coaching with Tina is a one-on-one mentorship and healing experience that provides you with a variety of benefits, including guided meditations, acupressure, and more. These are all intended to provide you with a healing experience and help you to define your life’s purpose and focus and strategize to achieve your goals.

By clearing away the negative energy that surrounds you, whether rooted in past traumas or current stressors, empowerment coaching can guide you to truly “live your best life.”

Many women simply go through life by existing or even just surviving, but imagine if you could change your life and really thrive. For mothers-to-be or current mothers, especially, empowerment coaching creates a firm foundation for you to be present for your children, and so you can set a good example of a life well-lived for your kids.

Taking care of yourself is more than just taking a nap or getting an expensive manicure. Your self-care routine should start with inner healing that can be achieved through women’s empowerment coaching with Tina from Sacred Spirit Rising.