Women’s Coaching


Connecting with a heart-based coach can offer you new perspectives of looking at trauma or challenges.


Communicating is a powerful healing tool. Someone who listens without judgement, offers guidance and unconditional support.


Are you ready to have your life change in positive and miraculous ways?

Activate Your Spiritual Potential, Nourish Your Joy, Live a Soul-Inspired Life.

If you are looking to open your heart and life path, then Sacred Spirit Rising is the program that will teach you how to RECLAIM your inner light and soul purpose. This type of heart-centered coaching will help you identify your energetic blocks in your personal life, career and relationships. Tina will guide you through specific practical exercises to connect your body & mind towards your life purpose. This will then allow you to create more space, peace and joy in your life.

Women’s Coaching & Mentorship Program:

In your mentorship, you will receive:

  • Morning and Night Rituals
  • Guided Healing Meditation
  • Breath Work
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Energy clearing exercises
  • Energy Protection Rituals
  • Acupressure
  • Guided Prayer & Intention Setting
  • Supportive handouts for weekly HW
  • Belief system & Emotional Alchemy
  • Daily Affirmations
  • Developing your Spiritual Intuition
  • Defining your Life Purpose
  • Emotional Release Acupressure Tapping

Benefits of your mentorship:

  • The clarity in your soul life purpose
  • Focus and strategy on your goals
  • Creating expansion and space for personal growth
  • Learning essential self-care rituals
  • Support with emotional processing and past traumas
  • Receive guided energy healing
  • Receive intuitive guidance
  • Learn how to meditate effectively
  • Gain tools on how to powerfully manifest
  • Learn how to co-create your deepest desires
  • Unconditional support and compassion
  • Shifting old belief systems or stories holding you back in life
  • Creating new perspective and subconscious programming
  • Stepping into your Power with confidence and Courage!
For Coaching Services contact:

Tina Ghahramani-Singh L.Ac.
Certified Women’s Empowerment Coach
(949) 444-7131


What are Morning & Night Rituals?

These are specific rituals for when you wake up and before bedtime which are taught to you by Tina. These daily rituals help you create structure and a peaceful balance in your life.

The morning rituals may include some diaphragmatic breathing, pranayama, basic stretches, journaling, drinking your morning tea and morning affirmations.

The evening rituals may include some guided meditation for bedtime, rest, yoga nidra, and journaling.

What is Breathwork?

These are breathing techniques that slow and calm the mind and nervous system. It helps you center your thoughts and connect to your body. Being present with your breath is the key to longevity.

What is Chakra balancing?

Chakra balancing is connecting with the 7 energy centers of the body with their colors and emotions. Tina guides you through each center and what they represent in your life. This is where she identifies where your energetic blocks are located.

What is Acupressure?

Acupressure is a technique where you press or massage certain acupuncture points on your body to create healing. As a licensed acupuncturist, Tina can identify what areas of your body need specific acupressure points. She will give you an acupressure protocol that is tailored for you.

What is Belief system & Emotional Alchemy?

This is a unique technique Tina has developed that involves finding the root cause of old belief systems that may not be serving your life. Through somatic coaching and listening skills, Tina will help you shift out of your old belief systems into a healthier thinking and perspective. This kind of coaching can actually change your brain’s old neural pathways into new ones!

What are Affirmations?

Affirmations are sentences that are written down to empower your mind and are recited out loud daily and with repetition. They start creating the specific circumstances for those thoughts by the power of intention.

What is Emotional Release Acupressure Tapping?

ERAT is a technique developed by Tina that involves using specific acupressure points on the body while tapping the emotions the client wishes to release. It is very effective for any kind of block or emotional release that the client is desiring.

We also offer tailored 1-1 Online Coaching for:

  • New mothers who are struggling in finding balance with a newborn or experiencing postpartum depression.
  • Women seeking spiritual development in areas of self energy healing, self-care rituals, meditation, manifestation, clarity on their life purpose.
  • Healers who want to grow their business and seek mentorship from another successful healer, holistic practitioner, mother and entrepreneur.
  • Women who are in life transitions of going back to work, relationship challenges such as divorce or separation, menopause, or creating a new business or life purpose.
  • Women dealing with the new normal of COVID and the balance of working from home, and/or caretaking for their children.
  • Women learning to navigate the new life of homeschooling and working from home and finding the sweet balance

“Tina is a truly gifted healer. She gives from her heart, and her intuition and guidance are spot on. She helped me clear some major blocks from inhibiting my path forward in life. And she did so with talent, compassion, and grace. Since our session, I feel clearer, and as if I am standing in my power more than ever before. I wholly recommend her work to anyone looking to clarify and strengthen themselves and their vision for their life!”

Marni A.

“I was nervous to have an intuitive coaching session because I was afraid of what I would hear. But after years of feeling so lost, I felt drawn to the opportunity to receive any kind of guidance. Once I met with Tina, I felt a sense of peace and understanding… like she could see what was in my heart. (Literally!) For the first time I felt like someone really understood me and confirmed that the major changes occurring in my life were for a reason. And that my life, had a greater purpose.

There is no way to explain the feeling of loneliness that clouded my life until this session. Tina gave me practical steps (homework) to begin in order to continue the process of manifesting/shifting into my greater self. This experience is invaluable. Thank you so much Tina!”

Joanna B.

Tina Gharamani-Singh - Healer, Author, Spiritual Coach

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